Racton Monument (Front)

Racton Monument (Front)

A view of Racton Monument, Sussex, from the front.


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Racton Photos


Please could you send me your pictures too? I'd be very interested to have a look at them. my address is youcanreachjo@hotmail.com

Best wishes,


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Suicide At Racton Ruins! (17/7/09)

It's official! A man was found at Racton Ruins last night.............hung by the neck!

A taxi, with a mini-cab plate, was seen at the bottom of the bridal way heading up to the ruins........

Police were called by a young couple at about 10pm last night, the man was believed to be in his early thirties..........................he had not been there long, perhaps a matter of hours!

It'll be in the papers soon enough!

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Another suicide In Racton

This is no bullshit i don't belive in all the story's. me and my girlfriend went there last night and saw a body of a man hanging on the groundfloor tower, were the old tree stump is. We phoned the police who turned up this was no ghost but suicide!!!! the man was in his early 20's and left his taxi in the layby at the bottom. this experiance has scared my girlfriend for life, and we will both never return. wot must have been going through his head to do that in there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my thoughts go out to his family

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Suicide at Racton

This guy was my brothers mate, apparently he had a row with his wife which turned violent. He had a lot of worries and was finding his family commitments very difficult. The pressures of life were just too much for him and after what he did to his beloved wife he couldnt take it anymore. My brother is deverstated as is his poor wife.

Desparation is a terrible thing. Not the best place to die nor the best way.


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racton ruins

hey everyone..
just a quick one, weve attempted to drive to racton ruins a few times
but never get there! its really frustrating me now cause i cant find a map
or directions...can anyone explain HOW to get there?
thankaaaaaaayou x

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where u from if ur local

where u from if ur local meet us somewhere and follow us all we r doin a ghost hunt this saturday 26th sept 2009

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i dont get it !

i have been up there twice now and havant seen a thing i dunno if to believe
if this place is hunted i have seen nuffin i dont no what to look for but it was really
eary up there tho it felt as if something wasn't right but i wanna see what everyone
is talkin about and me and my mates want something to talk about, can you help me
notice things that you lot have seen x

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Me and sum m8s went up there last night, it wasnt scary at 1st but as i started driving off i saw the ghost of an old lady in the top window smiling, i have never ever drived so fukin fast in my life!

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charlie t

hi all just to settle your minds. Charlie t was a very dear friend of mind, he didnt hang himself there, but he did commit suicide elsewhere. His name has been spraye there as a memory, racton was his favourite chill out place. I often visit there and leave a beer up there for him.
As far as hauntings go there is a whole lot of energy up there, and i too ahve experienced this.

Most importantly enjoy the place its a strange and magical place.

I think a petition to be made to protect the ruins as if it crumbles it would be a waste.

louise x

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been there too

great picture.

i used to go to raves here too back in 1990!
Im 35 now and i love this site, even when i was'nt boshed out of my head i used to go here during the day & night the place has always been surrounded in stories of ghost's but i have never seen one nor have i had much luck in finding a spirit after visiting with a medium friend she told me that it is a sacred site & is steeped in history so because of that there will be a lot of 'spiritual noise' (bit of a cold reading of a building lol) and essentially there was no ghost's but i just love this place it makes you feel that there is something there!

i have managed to climb to the very top in the past (use the missing bricks to get there!) it is a bit nerve wreaking to climb but man the view when you get there is well worth it i used to roll a few joints whilst up there & not share to friends unless they climbed up too (peer pressure is a wicked thing lol)

It is a shame there is nothing in local libraries about this site as i'd love to read some more

for ghost's i'd recommend Waverly Manor that place will freak you out but go there with serious people not those out for kick's & trick's & the ghost's will show themselves.

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i think that soo many ppl

i think that soo many ppl have said bad stuff about that its got people thinking it isnt bad what the talking about and now everyone is like £ its not scary there just rumours" when some people are adimit what they saw, some may be lies of course but other like the one about people seeing someone on the second floor of the building , and thee is no real explanation why it was built ? , some say it was built because father/mother could see there son comming back from war or see the trading ships which ever ( a watch tower) , and other are saying its a sacrifise building and to me its fits to be be a so called sacrifise building because it lookes sooo medieval and scary when you are up there, and you drive up like a gravel path to a dead end to get there, and have to do a full 3 point turn before you can then get out, so yer lol , i think its realy abit of both ( scary/not scary) it depends on what sort of person you are, but a place like that at night isnt a place to be just left alone by the spirit world so to speak haha

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Like something out of a fantasy novel

Hmmm , during the day it's very impressive to look at like an ancient monolith that stood witness to the passing of the years and the changes of time. I reminds me of so many ancient ruins depicted in fantasy novels.

But at night I can just imagine how creepy it will look as if you'll expect a ghost to peek out from one of it's openings. Add a full moon , some mist and a wolf howling at a distance and you have a eerie scene unfolding before your eyes.

I really like the angle of you photo shot it really shows us how high the structure it.

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This is a really cool old

This is a really cool old castle. Though I would agree with the general concensus here that it is probably scary at night.
As for the photography aspect of this it would be fun to do a infrared based shoot of this site to see what kind of image you could get.

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overactive imagination...

Been there a few times myself, only live a mile away. And all i can say is some people really need to calm down. Not really sure about the old woman being trapped and burnt but from what ive heard and been told it was built by some guy years ago as a holiday type home from home. Reason its fallen into disrepair is that if you look closely next time your up there the surrounding trees have grown there roots under it, and started to damage all the the foundations thus rendering it unsafe to live in. Just seen an advert on the news about it, and apparently some guy is gonna re-build it or something quite soon. Think he was related to the original owner.
As for Charlie, from the stories that go around apparently he was some guy who hung himself, tho ive only heard this from the local chavs. Though I was told that a lot of climbers used to use it for practice, and charlie was one of the climbers and fell. If you stand in the centre and look up at the back wall you can see peoples names sprayed at the top.

My respects go out to him if he really did die.

Theres another building like it on harting down the opposite side of the road to the car park, but dont be fooled.... the local farmer/land owner had it built in the last decade to look like something historical and ruined, trust me its not its a fake. And beware, its on private ground and every farmer has a shotgun!

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racton folly

well u all have very active imaginations, my parents live very close by and i grew up walking past every day i had 2 to get home diffrent hours day and nite yes it is rather imposing but it is just a very run down building nothing scarey has happened just ppl makin up stuff and other ppl beleivin it im afraid. there were alot of partys there at 1 point and also the bbc filmed a scene from the phenix and the flying carpet there but thats abt it. hopefully soon someone will resore it then my parents wont have 2 put up with vandals and fly tipers anymore

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all those stories sound really scary.
especially at night with everything happening.
there definitely is a presence there that does not like company.

there are quite a few places like this,
on a tv show the scariest was in an abandoned jail facility.
and there was a camera crew with the host and a group of young adults.
they were scared beyond belief.

i can't imagine doing something like that.
great read, and loved all the stories in the comments.

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Got Chased :|

It was me, kirsty, Jay & Craig. We Fort we shud take a visit to the racton ruins! at like 2clock in morning.. pitch black we was driving up the 1 way stoney road/path thing. And the headlights shined infront of us and we spoted a car! :| so we turnt round because 1 of us said there up there meaning smack heads = devil worshipers? So we went off speading because we all shite our self! :| and we kept lookin back but we turn round the corner to come out and then my mate said that car is coming down :| and we actually was shitting it! so we speaded off and they was coming down pretty fast but we lost them. But hopefully we go back up there soon but hopefully they wont be there! :)

From Jessica and kirsty! x

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We went

When we were 16(2003) me n my mates decided it would be fun to go for a drive and see this place at about 7pm, it was dark as it was winter. No body else around watsoever at the ruins. You'll notice carvings in the trees and spray paints of mean faces. This alone would freak anyone out. There were 6 of us in the car, 4 boys 2 girls (me and my best friend) we were driving along and stopped, trying to figure out where on earth to park so we could see the ruins. We were sat there a few minutes discussing a few things, we noticed sudden some smoke and smell of burning, we all looked at the area to the front left of the car... Everyone saw the smoke, which randomly appeared, it then turned into a small flame no larger than on a candle! We all couldn't understand why this fire had started, considering we had been there a few good minutes before hand arguing between us where to park and whos getting out of the car. So why did this fire begin? We certainly didn't do it in the period of time we were there!
The driver lost his nerve at this point and everyone was then like a scene from the blairwitch project everyone started screaming about this fire!!!
The driver put his foot down in reverse (the road is far to narrow to turn) and belted it, I think we did about 30-40mph backwards onto the mainish road, then he floored it all the way untill we got on a proper main road! Thats the scariest thing I've ever been through. We went there later in our lives to see it during daylight! It definately has an atomshpere unknown! I would certainly and strongly suggest not going up there on your own!!!

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I can't imagine being stuck at the top of that
monument when you can see a fire working its
way up the building from the bottom. That kind
of death is sure to leave behind a restless spirit
that would tragically be trapped there. This place
looks creepy even during the day!



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How come everthing that starts decaying (everthing will eventually) gets deemed "haunted"?

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go there n see for yourself

go there n see for yourself

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Apparently a woman built it too look out to see to see when her son was coming back from the war and it had a massive fire , the floors burnt down and she fell through, if you go there you can see the burning makrs we went up with this phycic guy and he couldn't feel any woman atall there.

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Great site.

I like your style.

I will be checking back very often.

Keep up the good work!

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Racton Ruins Visit - 19th April 2008

Ladies and gens,
I am not a 100% believer of this kinda stuff so opted to visit this site today with my partner and her little sister. Having found the bridle path, drove up in my motor.

We drove srtaight passed the monument quite slowly just looking and not really thinking anything, but notice a blue rope hanging down the centre of the main shaft/room.

We drove straight passed and turned in the next wider area of the path.

Pulling out of my turn, (back towards the monument with it on our right hand side) I had to put my foot to the FLOOR to get the car to even rev the slightest - please let me add, I have a Brand New Mondeo TDCI Diesel, with very few miles, and full service history - so I doubt very much this could be a motor fault!

The car would not rev over 2000 RPM, so we were crawling back passed the monument around 5MPH, the monument no longer had the "blue rope" hanging, but AS SOON as the car slowly cleared the building, (foot still to the floor worried sick) the motor just came alive and wheel-spun, nearly causing me to loose control at the next bend.

Two questions - why did my new car simply "loose power" and How on EARTH was a rope hanging when there is no upper floor / room in the cenre shaft of the monument??????

Good-luck if you are to visit this in the night!!!!

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We drove up there (2 girls 1 lad). Managed to get up to the bridal path, parked outside the ruins and straight away see headlights coming up behind us, which seemed to disapear and reapear. although there was no car. We also took a pic and it looks like a person in the top window.
on one of the trees there is RIP C i gues thats charlie as posted earlya ?
Either way this place is seriously huaunted. as we drove of onto the main road, we see 3 bright flashes which looked like lighting, although it was only above the ruins and no where else in the sky. OMG!!! WE SHIT OURSELFS!!! CHECK IT OUT!

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Check this out - let me know what you think...

I went the other day and made a vid.

tezzas_pocket_of_fluff's vid

Let me know what ya think?

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Your Video

I have no clue whether YouTube actually posted the comment I put on your vid after checking it out as it looked like it didn't.

It looked like you and your friend had as much fun exploring as me and my friend did when we went. There are some other links you can check out in the blog entry I made about Racton Monumenthere if you haven't already seen them and are interested.

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Me ben mick and kim went up

Me ben mick and kim went up there last night was scatty as fuck.. we drove up and saw in white spray paint RIP CT and RIP CHARLIE on the trees so i was shittin itt.. then we sat in the car for a little bit before we went in when old bill come up and nocked on the windows and said theyy wud cum in there wiv us. so thy got their tourches and we mooched around it n it was proper scary lol .. we dint hear or see anything but it gave us all the worst feelin of like a presence or wateva. when we was drivin bak out we was all jus like .. silent proper scattin out n that..
anyway go up there 2 c it yaself gotta b dark tho!
dont go alone :P lol
byeeeeeee x

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we went there hahahahahaha

we went there hahahahahaha

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ive been to racton ruins a

ive been to racton ruins a few times and shat ma self, my mate karl, casea and ash got stuck in are cars up there. well we had a look round and had rocks thrown at us from no where!!!!!!!!!!! freaky

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do it

omg me my m8 jim n 2 girlz hollie n becki all went up there jim being the only one that had been up there b4 it was about 10 but even at this time being earli was still well freeky. the 2 girls i was with were saying they felt sik n dizzy we got r car stuk at one point n me n the driver jim got out 2 have alook while with r full beems on the ruins just 2 scare the girlz a lil more haha but while we were inspecting the damage on the rear bumper i got a suden cold shiver down my spine didnt feel nice at all afta looking at the bumper we got bk in the car turned the music down 2 see if we cud hear anytink n even at 10 pm u caN HEAR SCREEMS crys and bangs its a reli weird place 2 b u dntwunna leav u feel sorry 4 ct(charly turner the boy that got hung??) but u wunna get out of there is so goddam freeky as if ur being followed

dont beliav all these ppl well go up there ur self but dnt go alone or in a pair go as a group or by ya self if ur reli stupid enuff

coment me or add me onmsn if u got any questions xx mny addy is sam30067@hotmail.com

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Racton Ruins

Well what more to say, there are so many varied experiences up at the ruins. What i have noticed there though is the fact that usually unless there are only 1 or 2 females there you dont see much happening. We went up there a few more times with the girls and one felt like she got kicked and had a bruise on her shin for around 3 weeks. another female with us got physically pushed out of one of the windows she was standing in and no one was standing near to her. Also the most recent experience was going up there with some work colleagues. 4 bouncers!! we all went inside of the ruin and walked around it was about 03:45am and all i can say is from before the tight section of road on the way there it was extremely atmospheric. we stood by it wan walked around it, tried videoing but all we could make out was a white figure in the top right hand window walking around and we heard a noise, a rustling in the bushes. thinking nothin of it we carried on then we heard it again. a bit closer tho. shined the torches there was nothin then it happened with what seemed to be like right next to us. then the noise seemed to surround us was very spooky. Just as we walked from the back aorund towards where the railings are down one of the lads grabbed hold of my fleece and wouldnt let go. couldnt undastand it. then he held back from walking and asked me to pull him, but wudnt say why!! we got back in the car he rolled his shirt sleeve up and under the tatoos we could see alot of markslike hand marks like someone had grabbed him then it bruised up. Was very strange indeed. then one of the other guys who was a spiritualist thought he was being possessed but we pay no attention to that because hes a bit weird anyway!! lol



lil james

got any comments email me jamesswann2000@hotmail.com put in subject Racton

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racton ruins

me n about 15others went there and nothing was there!! just sumin ran past us and that was that!! are the storries true!! go to binsted woods they more scary !!

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Ghost Hunt: 2nd June 2007 8:30pm Racton Ruins

Hey all, Myself, James and a few others are going up there tomorrow on the 2nd June for a little Ghostly most haunted night. We are taking the video camera so will be capturing the footage with the night cam mode and hoping we see some orbs etc.

Anything you want us to do? Say? or look at while we are there? get intouch via email: joellireland@gmail.com

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Young & old at the runis

Hi, I'm isabella and my dad took me the the ruins yesterday to show me what it was like becuase he said he'd had big parties there when he was younger. It was all broken down and spooky from a long time ago. It looks like a scary monster with long creepy legs. There was writing on the trees which said RIP. Dad said that was becuase when people got really scared they let one RIP! We wondered though if anyone had died there or was burried there.

THE DAD: Bought back some memories of some wicked raves about 18 years ago. Use to pay some trippy visits there as well, always spooks me when I go back up there. Interesting to read some of the blogs. Bet the place has got some sordid history

ISABELLA: Said it looked Scooby Doo!

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been up there loads of

been up there loads of times, also climbed up into the first floor that runs around the inside of the big centre bit. Apprently if you carry on walkin up the bridal way there is ment to be a shed thing with a bloke who sits in it, but we cuddnt find it after walkin around 2miles up it, fuckin scary tho as the farmer next door decided to start plowin his field at 12.45am and looked like he wasnt gonna stop when he got close to us!

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Ive drivern all the way down

Ive drivern all the way down the bridle way (dont try it unless you have a 4x4 and are good at reversing as you cant turn around down there) Theres nothing down there untill you come to 2 large concreate blocks in the middle of the road. It was about 12/1am and the bloody farmer next door was driving up and down his field too with about 10 headlights on, and he doesnt drive slow!! Just a word of warning to all the people who drive up there, it is a bridal way so you shouldnt be driving up there (got in shit from the police). Also the bloke who lives down in the house by the gate has a habbit of shutting and locking it after you gone up there and hes not exacally friendly.....

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Ok me & my m8 karl here went around in a blue calibra for the day then at about 11:30 we made our way to the racton ruins because the driver and karl had been ther before, So i decided they should take me there we got there for about 11:50 and its meant to get to the worst point at 12 or after we got out the car parking it jut by the tries with RIP charlie sprayed on it.If you have been there before then youll know that the road is quite narrow so there is know way two cars cud go on it or that a car could just turn around quick and drive off. Anyway, My mate had told me that last time he was there he see a set of car headlights drive up the way we come watching them come up further and further and then for no apparent reason it dissappeared. Obviously i dint believe him instantly but sure enough as me karl and our driver martin got out within a minute or 2 headlights started coming up the road i thought to myself ha this is just coinsitince ... but the thing is it wasnt i swear on anything that is of value to me that it dissapeared. we then walked around the monument with me half shittin myself but also laughin it at the same time and we heard if you abuse the spirits or whatever shit it is they make signs to warn you so we did called em names. laughin along the way then the headlights reaapeared driving up the route we came coming at a rapid speed but all of a sudden the car headlights changed to rear light instantly and headed in the other direction at this point i was gigglin away still shittin it. lol! we thought it was funny so we shouted more abuse but in all honestly we were shittin it aswell as enjoying it we see this light come up a few more times and tailights a few times aswell but all travelling at a high speed but at this point we were shoutin more abuse and again if you know the ruins its on the edge of a hill with fields all the way down and sure enough these headlights started randomly travelling across the fields wich is not! possible so ... it was starting to get freaky we stepped back out of the gouts and just looked out for these headlights on the fields now and at some points u could just see the brightness of the light glowin over the edge because the headlights had gone under the lip of the hill this happened a few times but we shouted the biggest abuse we could just to tempt fate some more yet again it done it a few more times with the headlights dissapearing under the lip of the hill keeping in mind these lights appeared out of no where. wind picked up alot and started getting chilly outside of the car but we stood some longer along with the others last of all a very bright set of headlights appeared and this one was moving much faster than the others still cutting across all the fields and by the way the lights were moving in a smooth calm motion althought they was was cuttin across the fields. So anyway there we was with these faster and brighter headlights coming across the field towards us we expected it to dissappear like the others but it stayed a little long LOL! it went under the lip of the hill like the rest of them but this time the shine didnt dissappear it slowly started moving along the lip and i dont know slowly lining up with us i guess we was pretty freaked out at this point but was still waiting for it to vanish instead though ... out of know where these lights became see-able above the lip of the hill again and they were getting BIG and CLOSe we were actually about to let loose in our boxers LOL! but oh wait SHIT it didnt stop there not only was they coming towards us they merged int one fucking light OMG it was a rush but fuckin hell was we scared it kept coming closer and again if youve been there you know its sourounded by trees and bushes and Shit no lie this light was at the bushes level with us and as close as the bush it looked like someone with a touch was shining it at us but the really funny wait fucking scary thing is there was no one and you could see that just like a light hovering and coming at us at this point we had enough and we knew we should leave now we ran as fast as out legs could take us to our little blue vauxhall calibra and literally spun it up for ages trying to get away so fast fuck me was it an experience and i couldnt give 2 shits tooo the person who reads this and thinks what a lying wanker what we see is what happened and fuckin hell we loved the rush if your ever near it late one night check it out its fucking great anyway this is long enough like an essay and the end of our little experience thanks for reading and you choose if you want to believe it but we know what happened yesterday so there ya go lol!!!

Chris and Karl!

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hello mate i read your add i

hello mate i read your add i was up there last night and we was only there 10 mins and my girlfriend got hit by something thrown off the top was mad we want to spend the night there and have some video cameras are u up for joining the fun lol take it easy mate if u go up there again let me no i think if a lot of people goes up there it makes it not so scarey i would love to catch something on tape

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Boy in upper window

Fuck me guys i shat myself here tonight. When we went there we drove past to where the path ends and walked down to c wot was thr wasnt tht excitin. got back in my car then and drove back along the path. Not noing wot to make and feeling dissapointed we hadnt found it yet. i shone my torch around out the car window. this was abt 11 30pm and everyone pussied out of goin theough the fence, which is pretty non existant. in the end myself and one of my mates walked up to the monument, and around it. There was no one 4 miles so wasnt really scared. we didnt reli mind it then so went back and got our gf's from the car. when we did we walked bk ova to it and it felt a bit more strange this time. we alked around agen. and got to the back of it. as we did, i looked up shined the torch up and thought i saw a head ducking back into one of the upper windows. very scary thought it was jus me bt then my gf said she saw a head in the window above. at this point it was a bit more tense. so we were a bit more cautious. we then heard a scream and a thud. cudnt explain so made ourselvs scarce lol. when we got bk to the car. our mate who decided to stay in there then told us he also saw a young/teenage boys head popping out of this window and when he moved the car to shine the lites on the monument the boy moved away quite quickly. let me no what u think not shittin u. j

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i have a picture of a that

i have a picture of a that boy in a window..

demon6310's picture

ghost hangin out of window

me and all my mates went up there tonight and we saw a person hangin out of the window then we looked back and it was gone then we heard a scream like it was some fallin and we saw rip charlie and rip ct on trees and we absoulty shit r self's that was one freaky nite i can tell u

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we went there tonight it was

we went there tonight it was gr8 there were 8 of use 3 of em were gurls and we left em all behind lol they shat themselves, we didnt see no ghosts though but it was some freaky shit it was full moon and everyfin and its in the middle of nowhere, we had no signal on our fones either:S

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nice day for a picnic

hi, i went up to recton ruins today for a nice little picnic with my family unaware of the paranormal activity that has been going , we did'nt encounter any unfortunatly , the closest thing to a scare was a 15yr old girl saying hello, but we didnt notice the random no signal, and my friends phone was playing up dying and come back and dying again.. it still not working propley, if anyone has the same problem please reply to this

Guest's picture

i went there tonight n my

i went there tonight n my friends phone was playin up too it kept loosin signal then it turned off n back on so she took the battery out n when she went to put it back in she noticed that her phone haddent turned off even without the battery lol creepy shit

Seve's picture

haha me n a few m8s did a

haha me n a few m8s did a ouija bord there n o god dint we shit or selves n cain our cars 100mph al da way home lol scary shit

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I happen to come across your

I happen to come across your blog while looking for information about weddings. I find your blog very interesting. I will check for updates.

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me too

saw that body too mate must have gone up there just before u called the police as they came up as we were there...we saw the boidy and shit ourselves..we drove right to the end wit lights off, waited for the police to go...thought they had gone so drove back but they were still there and we got questioned and almost got blamed for the prank!!!lollol good trick tho

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me n mi m8s went ther lats

me n mi m8s went ther lats nyt an it was wel fukin scary.r driver dint evn get out his car tht he was so scared.i was wiv 2 bois an miself an thy made me go 1st coz thy wer shittin it so much.was propa scary.i bin ther b4 but the mor i go ther, the scarier it gets.anyway, myt b goin ther 2nyt 2av anuva peek @ it.myt go during the day 2c wots reli inside thn at least i no wot im in4 at nyt tym.shud reeli go ther ppl.its wel gd...x..x..x..

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used to be used for illegal

used to be used for illegal parties back in the day