Racton Monument (Front)

Racton Monument (Front)

A view of Racton Monument, Sussex, from the front.


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we still do have parties up there in the summer

we always have raves up there in the summer. we take a massive generater with us and rave all night long. some good shit. its been happening for years!!

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omg me and my friends went

omg me and my friends went to visit it last night. we drove up the bridal path heading towards it. then in the distance about 15metres away we saw a body hanging from the trees up infront of the building!!!!!!!!!! had shoes and jeans and a black bin liner around it swaying in the wind...we actually shat ourselves!!!
we got right out of there straight away!
rang the police who went to investigate and found out it was sum1s idea of a sick joke...GOOD ONE!
watch out ppl this place is spoze 2be haunted

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i realy dont know if this

i realy dont know if this place is haunted or if its all in peoples head but a friend of mine hung himslef up there on the 17th of july 2009 and im sure if we go there we will feel him around us his name was john and hes was a very kind person who loved his music so if u see him or hear music up there dont be scared of him just say hi all our love john R.I.P hun xxx

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hey there ive known john for

hey there ive known john for years me and 10 off us are doing a ghost hunt this saturday at the tower im hopin to get a medium to come with us aswell but if u would like to tag along ur more then welcome will be there around 8pm will be takin laptops camera's and webcams touches and some donut wants to take a weegey board how ever u spell it (he is on his own) but will be fun hopefully
anyways rip john all ur family and friends are thinkin of u

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Yeah sure! (Tel No Removed -Kat)

Yeah sure! (telephone number was here but I removed it - contact through Dan's link (Click on 'Guest' - Kat) call me asap and we can arrange.

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Strangely enough, My friend Bec, My girlfriend Charlotte and I visited the ruins today at around half past 8 at night.
As we got to the only visible turning point there, being the little gravel lay-bi opposite the black fence and gate way. i turned my car around and parked there, as soon as i went through the gate, i felt cold, like i was being watched. Previous to this when we was driving toward the gravel road that leads to it, my friend bec saw a figure/person standing at the top window of the tower, now obviously theres no floor or anywhere to stand at the top its just a hollow tower. So baring that in mind i was very cautious. walked around the back of the tower just out of pure interest. Anyway i had a look at the front then became immediately uncomfortable, read the cards for John because i was interested in what had happened there, read them then made our way to the car, as we got back onto the gravel path, the wind picked up quite alot, then out of no where heard music, so me bein the twat i am, said hello? who's there? just to scare my girlfriend, then the music just stopped and i felt really cold, got in the car, sped off and as we was travelling now on the main road, looked back at the tower, again we saw the figure at the top, but as we was leaving the ruins, we saw a very tall, very big figure watching us and smiling, it was rather disturbing and very scary!


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hea that was my friend

hea that was my friend thanks not a joke

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that's hilarious

I used to go up there frequently with my mates about 10 years ago. Was just thinking about it and did a search and got this. It's a very spooky place, apparently the design / shape is to do with devil worship and has a lot of dark rumours attached to it's history. I used to take the girls up there, freak em out, and them comfort them in the back seat. GREAT PLACE FOR AN ILLEGAL RAVE!

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I think I'd have been freaked by that too. The monument is pretty cool and interesting during the day. Gotta be scary at night. and with that hanging from the front. Not good.

Its a shame its still in ruins and nothing came from the bloke who wanted to make it liveable.

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