Continuing the Halloween theme, I've been trying a spider or two. This ones in borosilicate glass rather than the more usual "soft" glass. Pyrex is a boro type glass as is all laboratory glassware including the test tubes etc used in school labs.
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This started out as a spider but I think it now looks a bit more like an ant albeit with eight legs. It's about 45 mm long.
I've signed up for a week long class with Julie Ann Denton at the Liquid Glass Centre near Bristol to improve my sculptural glass skills. She makes the most fantastic sculptural glass pieces and you can see her work at here
You can see more by clicking on the page numbers at the top. Her dragons etc are fabulous.


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kat's picture

It does look quite

It does look quite insect-like. Is there clear glass at it's rear? Do you lay the black glass over the clear or something?

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Yes there is still a bit of clear there, the remains of a pontil for holding the insect while working on it. I'm going to have to join it on again as the piece needs some more work on it. I broke off a leg the other day. I'm getting in training for my sculptural boro course with Julie Ann Denton at the end of October. Practicing.

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Re-vamped spider

I inadvertently squished the legs from the spider so had to attach new ones. They're not very good but will have to suffice.
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Do you think Matt will like my efforts? I could always make a better one, just for him!!!

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Man! That's freaky. It has

Man! That's freaky. It has a touch of the Geiger about it...