Sunny Cromwell

Here we are having just been for a huge hike. The sun is going down and I've been able to check my hotmail messages for $2.
Hope Matt has been able to turn on the central heating. We had an email saying what problems he was having. Having to type quickly as the money is running out of the time on the computer. All going well, John and I are still talking, weather is a lot colder than we expected but they say their winter has been a bad one this year. We've seen lots of lambs plus a few dead ones. Having to look to see if their tails have yet been docked to save them from flystrike, so I'm told. They have other unmentionable bits cut off at the same time too! That's all folks. Talk later.


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What is it with your obsession with dead lambs in New Zealand?!? I hope you're taking loads of photos (but not of dead lambs obviously). I'll have to look up flystrike to see what it means.

EDIT: Ugg......Flystrike.