Ice Crystals

We had a cold night last night so I took this photo in the back garden this morning, Free Image Hosting at
It's part of a spiders web showing the ice crystals that have grown on virtually everything in the garden, including the yellow plastic washing line. Click on the thumbnail to get a larger version.

Seti@home Milestone!

I've finally done it! I've passed the 10,000 credit mark on my Boinc Seti@home project and am now the proud owner of 10,0022.4 credits with 216 Classic Seti units. I've been a member of the seti project since December 2003 and i feels good to be doing something that helps the scientific community - even if the possibility of finding intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is very very slim. I'm not one of the power number crunchers (the top participant has nearly 4 million credits) but it makes me feel good and I guess that's all that matters.

Encoded in pi

I've seen a few sites now that talk about pi (the mathematical number that relates the radius of a circle to it's circumference and area) and how things can be said to be encoded in it and as it's got me thinking quite a lot I thought I'd write about it.

Chain Reaction

This flash game is very simple and reminds me of the 'life' games that you often find hanging around in assorted scientists webs. It is exceedingly simple in that if the conditions are right (different tiles lines are connected) it will continue going.

Heat Output of People

As part of my work at the moment I am trying to model the heat/power input into a building. This required me to assess the heat/power input from the various people that will inhabit the building. I think the answer is pretty cool so I've included it here...

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