Oldbury to Littleton Walk

I picked up the Evening Post's Summer Special on Friday containing 20 guided walks around the Bristol area. Despite the drizzly rain yesterday I decided to go out with my camera and explore the Olbury to Littleton Walk.

Avon Gorge and the Downs

I decided to go walking yasterday around the Gorge and the Downs hoping to catch some interesting photos or at least learn a bit more about using my camera.

Some More Images in the Gallery

Phew! I've added a few more images to the image gallery and spring cleaned some of the 'Oh my God! How did I not realise this was so blurred?!' images off of my hard drive.

New Car

I finally have it! Today I picked up my new car.

My New CarMy New Car

Happy Birthday 'Pat from Canvey'!

Happy birthday mum! I'll give you a phone call later tonght but for now, happy birthday! Hope you have a good day. Kat xxx.

The Mind of Steven Write

This is from a forwarded email I got at the beginning of last year. I thought that it was cool and it's been in my inbox ever since. Now I've archived it here I guess that I can now delete it....

Happy Birthday Mat!

Hey Mat! Hope you have a great birthday today. Lot's of love, Kat xxx.

Creative Zen Touch

I finally got my new toy through this week, a Creative Zen Touch.

Of the reviews I'd read it seemed like the Creative player has many advantages over the IPod and since I've bought other creative products and been very happy with them I thought why not.

Do Magpies Hide Food?

I just watched a very strange thing. A fat magpie outside my window managed to find a huge piece of bread on the lawn. Rather than stand there and eat it piece by piece it appeared to try to hide it. It seemed to shove it into the ground and then try and hide it by covering it with bits of loose grass. It even seemed to dig up bits of growing grass to place on top of it.

Do magpies hide food? I confess I don't know but it certainly seems like it.

I Answered the "Call of Duty" and Died - Several Times

I bought a copy of Call of Duty a few days ago and today was the first chance I had to install it and give it a go. I know it's odd for a woman to enjoy war related stuff but I've never been what you would call typical. I don't play many first person shooters so I'm uniformly bad at them. I think the last time I played was multiplayer with my brothers about a year and a half ago (I could beat one semi regularly but not the other - die evil brother die!) so that gives you some idea of my overall experience.

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