Updated Site

Whew! An updated an fully working site. and after only 4 hours of work. It's the fastest complete upgrade I've ever managed on Drupal. I guess that's it for another year then...

Website Update - Images not working...AGAIN!

OK - I took the plunge tonight to upgrade the site code since the new version of Drupal is slowly making it's way to 'release' and hence the version I was running would not longer be supported security-wise. Images, just like on the last upgrade, are pretty broken at the moment but it's late, I'm tired and it's unlikely that I'll be able to make sense of any more information regarding fixes tonight. I've therefore turned the site back online to let it loose on the world. Images that are not displaying should gradually start to re-appear in the image galleries (see the link in the top right of the screen) but you'll probably find that most images inside blog posts no longer display (sigh!). I'll try and get this fixed as soon as possible. You can still post images but you'll need to post them straight to the front page at the moment as you won't get them inserted into blog post properly at the moment.

Please don't be put off - please just check out the image galleries. Kat.

Image Links Broken

Some of the images links in older posts are now broken after a site upgrade. It may take me a while to get through sorting these out. Please bear with the broken-ness for a while.

Site Upgrade

The site has just gone through a major upgrade and consequently there are still a few bugs around that I am working on a fix for. Images that were inserted into into posts will display oddly. Rather than thumbnails you'll see a full size image. This while not impeding the meaning of the post will make it look uglier than it did ;-)

If you had 'notify' activated you will no longer get emails as I have removed this module. I have replaced it with something more like 'subscriptions' with hopefully better and more useful functionality. You can find these settings under the 'my account' link.

If you spot anything other than image display being off then please drop a comment in the form below so I fix up anything else that's broken during the upgrade.

Cheers. Kat.

Bright! (Theme Change)

I had to change the theme as it was seriously broken in IE7. I can't be bothered to try to fix it / sort it at the moment so I'll leave it on this one for a while. I'll think about updating it when I don't ahve loads of coursework to do and an exam to prepare for.

This theme is seriously bright just might be too bright...



A photo to honour the death of the 250ish spam comments I just deleted out of my approval queue and the IP address I have subsequently banned from the site. It's still trying to add stuff (you can tell by the number of guests online and the site slowing down every so often). You'd think they'd give up after a while but apparently not.

Site Upgrade

I've just upgraded the software that this site runs under. As always, if you spot something broken please leave a comment or email me through feedback. Cheers!

Site Upgrading

If the site is looking very strange / not working bear with me...I'm upgrading.

Hopefully I won't break anything.

Woo! I've performed a massive update and hopefully everything wil still be working OK. If you spot anything funny, please let me know. Some of the template that it is running off is a bit odd but I really cannot be bothered to try to fix it at the moment. I'm off to clear off my server and drop a temporary database - oh what an exciting life I lead ;-)

Can I add images easily?


This is a test of the image_assist module to see how it works and whether it will break my layout if I don't resize the image and make it small.

Woohoo, it doesn't!

This spider was nestled in the gap between the edge of my window and the window frame. Actual size is about an inch long.

Pinging Sites?

Hopefully, this site should now be pinging a few of the blog aggregators. I've taken the plunge and decided to start opening this up a bit more for other people to read (if they wish).

It's not really important to me at the moment - I've managed to go about 5 weeks with only really me knowing about the existence of the site so at the moment I'm not too bothered. It's not like I update everyday. Personally I can't be bothered unless it's something even vaguely important to me. Random quizes of the moment have never really interested me all that much. Maybe in a few weeks time I'll be one of those people that measure their worth on how many people have commented on their ramblings ;-) Personally I don't think what I have to say is that important!

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