Today's Beads

I ordered some Triton Double Helix glass because everyone is raving about the colour effects it can produce. Here's a bead with just Triton glass
Triton mirrored glass beadTriton mirrored glass bead
The two lighter patches in the middle are the reflections of my daylight light bulbs and shades so you can see what a great mirror finish you can get.
Triton over Canyon de Chelly glassTriton over Canyon de Chelly glass
This bead is Triton Double Helix Glass over CIM Canyon de Chelly and a blob of Triton combed downwards.
Lastly, here's another colourway of the star beads I've been making the last few days.
Another starAnother star
It's 33mm in diameter and as it's bigger than the first two star beads, a little harder to control when the glass is molten.