Tripod Talks

There seems to be something about setting up a camera and a tripod near a road that encourages people to talk to you. Yesterday, after attending a coleagues retirement lunch, I headed over to one of the local viewpoints in the area. The view looks put towards the two Severn Bridges but rather than take pictures of the bridges I figured I'd try and take some panoramic shots to practice getting them to stitch together without visible seams. The light was bad and the sky was grey with a haze settled over the bridges so I knew that the pictures I got wouldn't be good enough to show anyone. About 2 minutes after setting up, sure enough, an older gentleman stopped to chat and asked me what I was doing. Apparently his wife was into photography and I gave him some tips of cheap camera related items such as filters that he could buy as presents. I didn't bother hanging around for the sun to start to go down as it was cold and I don't think the weather would have given a good picture. Nevertheless, I managed to capture these artificial flowers below.

Flower Memorial: Some artificial flowers tied to a fence; protecting the public from a steep gully.Flower Memorial: Some artificial flowers tied to a fence; protecting the public from a steep gully.

Is it just me or does everyone end up chatting to random people as soon as you erect a tripod?


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davidjaymz's picture

I get drunk people jumping

I get drunk people jumping around in front of the camera on long exposures. I tend to be with other photogeeks when taking photos so maybe we're abit more scary to approach. // Photography of Rock

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Or maybe you just look scarier than me full stop! ;-P

davidjaymz's picture

Why I

kat's picture


Oughta what? Be more scarier?

Is your avatar smoking? Is this a new thing I should know about you? I notice your av also has a full beard now as well....

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I oughta? I don't know,

I oughta? I don't know, something. I'm not /that/ scary.

The avatar just looked cooler with a cigar. The beard is full though ;-) // Photography of Rock