Technically this is a bead but is in fact a small vessel as the body of it is hollow and will hold aromatic oils. It becomes hollow by blowing through a small bore 6mm blow pipe to expand the glass and then handles etc are added while praying that the rest will not crack while doing so.
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The shiny dots are made from one of the silvered glasses called Aurea made by the Double Helix glassmakers. The rods themselves look transparent pink but when heated turn metallic as the silver content of the glass rises to the surface. You can see brief descriptions of the other Double Helix silver glass at The glass surface colour changes according to how you heat and cool the glass and how many times. Also whether you heat in an oxidising flame or a reducing one, i.e. by either turning the oxgen supply to the flame down or increasing the propane supply to the flame. By the way, the orange flame you get from a candle is a reducing one.