Wirework fibula and star bead

Now that I've got my photography set up back to normal, I can post a few more pictures. Here's a fibula--a type of pin once used by the Romans. FibulaFibula
This is a first attempt and really the curvy bits are a bit too large. I'll make them smaller on the next try. I also wasn't picking out my best beads as this was a trial run. Next time I think I'll make it about 2/3 size and see how that looks.
I made a second star bead in a different colourway and put it on some black cord with brass coloured leather crimps on the ends.
Star beadStar bead
I also tried using a needle in a pin vise to move the glass but found it not very effective. I went back to using an old stainless steel scalpel as the bigger mass of metal doesn't heat up so quickly. Perhaps I should try to source some thin titanium rods such as those used for dental implants, very costly though.