You're an Idiot Day

Today shall officially be known as the 'Kat, you're an idiot' day.

To celebrate the successful production of 37 years of Pegasus engines (they go in Harrier aircraft) there was a fly-by today at work consisting of a couple of Harriers the company Spitfire and friend and I believe a Hercules. We were allowed to bring a camera on site just for today so this morning I packed my zoom lens and camera and looked forward to geting some good pictures.

Work fly-bys are always good as the aircraft tend to be a lot closer as there's no pesky air display regulations to worry about as they are not meant for the general public and there are obviously less people to get in the way of your shots as you're only competing with others who work on site. I got what I thought might turn out to be good pictures as my reactions seemed quite good today with most images seeming to come out framed reasonably rather than cutting off wings as can normally happen when you're zoomed in close to a fast moving aircraft.

I got home, connected up the camera and started to transfer the files off. I copied the first lot off onto my hard drive and erased those files off the camera memory card as I like to keep my photo files tidy. Selected the second lot of files and started to think about what I would have for dinner. Right clicked, clicked erase and decided on a sandwich with probably garlic sausage as a filling. Clicked OK, wondered whether to make a cup of tea and thought 'uh oh!', suddenly realising that I hadn't actually saved the second and most interesting set of pictures before erasing them.

What followed was an odyssey of trying various photo recovery software, realising that there was no way I could use my camera to read the card, rushing to Jessops to buy a card reader before they closed and starting the software to recover the photos. I began at 1930. It's now 2230 and the software thinks it's 60% done. Thankfully looking at the recovered files it appears that it's managed to get back the images I stupidly erased but there's also a few intruiging files that it's recovered which I don't remember taking it's so long ago that I must have shot them. It's amazing just how persistent data is and how long it can stay in a readable form without getting overwritten.

Given the time it's already taken there's no way I can get any photos out to accompany this entry. Maybe I'll get some sorted for tomorrow. I'll leave the recovery software going overnight and see what the final total of files is tomorrow morning.


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Pat from Canvey's picture

erasing photos

Dornoch Cathedral Vestibule window
A deceptively simple window designed I suppose to appeal to children. Photo after being straightened with Photoshop.

Good job you didn't reformat the card in error as I did one night sitting in an unlit tent, tired and not wearing my glasses. About 200 holiday photos lost forever despite sending the card away to a company that advertised it could recover lost photos and downloading a trial of a recovery programme from the internet. Fortunately no stained glass photos were on that card.

Sam's picture

be careful with thieves...

you are watched! be careful... lol it's pretty overwhelming to state that... I'll never buy a camera... if someone does compromising stuff with it, you are dummed!

kat's picture

But even with film cameras

But even with film cameras things can go wrong - the film can get stuck, the seals can become 'loose' and let stray light in. I prefer digital because although you can accidently lose pictures it does make it easier to do stuff with them and I don't have to spend a lot of money developing rubbish images - I can just delete them.

If that's what you meant...If you meant that someone could steal your camera and take dodgy pictures with it - then the person who takes the photo is at fault, not the owner of the camera.