Addictive Ring Tops

Silver glasses are those which have silver included in the manufacturing process. Hence they come out more costly that the "ordinary" glasses. Double Helix glass company in America makes a well known range and their base is here Double Helix A silver glass ring top, Psyche glass on the outside and one of the TAG (Trautman Art Glass in Germany) glasses in the centre. Sorry I can't remember the TAG name but the rod is a transparent blue.
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and a two story ring top I like because of the contrasting colours and simplicity.
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The yellow is a BHB from one of Bev's presses Pegasus Lampwork Tools put onto one of Sabine's ( mentioned in previous posts) gizmos and the centre brown is overheated Psyche formed into a ball shaped ring top.
I'm wearing the silver glass ring today. I may change to another colour tomorrow depending on what I fancy.