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Crystal Bracelet

I felt like making something simple last night while watching TV and knew I had some waxed cotton cord and crystals from a charity shop buy some time ago so I made this, Free Image Hosting at
The knots are called square knots and you can find many tutorials on YouTube if you Google "square knots". Here's a close up of the knots,


A few years ago , I did a Design and Technology (Silversmithing) GCSE at the local Sixth Form College. It was great fun being among the 17-18 years olds with only a couple of mature students there. The work was all practical and the final exam was practical too split over a few days for a few hours each time. I'd decided to make a butterfly as my final piece and its been sitting in a drawer ever since. I finally decided to tumble it clean being worried that the antenna would somehow fail but the larger of the two pairs of wings came apart instead.

Addictive Ring Tops

Silver glasses are those which have silver included in the manufacturing process. Hence they come out more costly that the "ordinary" glasses. Double Helix glass company in America makes a well known range and their base is here Double Helix A silver glass ring top, Psyche glass on the outside and one of the TAG (Trautman Art Glass in Germany) glasses in the centre. Sorry I can't remember the TAG name but the rod is a transparent blue.

Latest two story ring top

Here's my latest two story one,Free Image Hosting at

Ring tops

The beading forum I belong to, Frit Happens has a few members who are sourcing rings, either stainless streel or silver with a small screw fitting attached, They also sell the nuts that fit onto the screws. It's possible to make a bead on top of the screw so that the bead fits onto the ring. It's possible to change the ring tops easily to suit your mood or the outfit being worn that day. This is my latest one,

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