Latest two story ring top

Here's my latest two story one,Free Image Hosting at
It has one of the latest gizmos that Sabine (link mentioned in my last post) is selling, going through the BHB hole with a small blue ring top screwed onto the top of the gizmo. Unfortunately there seems to be a small crack on the left hand side of the base BHB but it's hardly visible to the naked eye. Only saw it when I took the photo. BHB for those not in the know stands for big hole bead, i.e. having a hole 5mm or larger that will fit onto some well known jewellery systems. These BHB's can be silver or copper cored and those which are handmade with silvered glasses can fetch quite a bit of money on Ebay or Etsy. If you are interested in this type of BHB see Rachel Frudd's Etsy site at
Banjo Beads