Waste not want not

I've been putting all my ends of stringer, murrini and large chips of 104 COE glass into a small jar and it finally became full so I decided to have a little play with putting it all into a small terracotta plant pot about 2 inches high and doing a pot melt. I knew with so many different colours that the resulting melt would probably turn out greyish but this 64mm almost circle is the result,
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If I did another, I'd certainly stick to a small number of colours but am quite pleased with the result not least because it confirms that I've got the shelf just about level. (My big old ceramics kiln has bare elements on both sides and the base so any shelf need props) I did the melt at 930 deg cent and soaked for about 90 minutes to make sure that most of the glass had flowed out of the flower pot. Forget the top left shine. That's the sun coming in through my bay window.
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