Ring tops

The beading forum I belong to, Frit Happens has a few members who are sourcing rings, either stainless streel or silver with a small screw fitting attached, They also sell the nuts that fit onto the screws. It's possible to make a bead on top of the screw so that the bead fits onto the ring. It's possible to change the ring tops easily to suit your mood or the outfit being worn that day. This is my latest one,
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I've made about 10 so far in different styles and colours. This one I made this morning and it's been thoroughly annealed in a temperature controlled kiln for durability. Sabine Little Little Castle Designs sells the rings and nuts and I've got a stock of 20 or so more nuts to make others. She's also started selling ear studs which work in a similar way and I've made a blue pair of studs so far.
Here's one of the studs, Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com My husband tried to take a picture of one in my ear but couldn't get the camera to work in focus for him.