Computer update

The new computer has been built by Edd and is up and running with Windows 7. I'm getting to grips with it and have re-installed virtually all the old software including Popcap games and those age old favourites that need DosBox to run such as Polytris. Some of the software needed to be re-licensed by the manufacturers and I'm pleased to say that Bead Tool 4 and Glasseye Professional Plus are running smoothly, although I've yet to find the folder that holds my original Glasseye stained glass designs despite everything on the old hard drive being backed up before the rebuild. One thing that's causing problems is Windows Media Centre in that I can now after much changing of settings, get picture from the TV to play on the computer screen but not audio. I need to get it sorted so that I can create video files of some of my favourite films when they come on TV. In essence, using the computer as a DVD player with a hard drive incorporated. My existing recorded TV now plays well with both picture and audio but live TV audio still eludes me. Will keep trying.
I've also had the problem of a bout of vertigo for the last few days which made me walk as if drunk and bouncing off the walls. Pills from the doc have helped and with a bit of luck, it seems to be getting better today. For those interested, the set top box is connected to the computer by co-axial cable and an internal TV card in the computer comes with the software required to set the whole thing up. One of the anomalies that amazes me is that in order to get pictures , when asked if we have a set top box by the setup programme, we have to reply "no" despite the cable directly plugged into the back of the box. A couple of my older hard drives are now fitted as internals rather than externals but I've kept the 2 terrabyte external video drive which holds my old converted VHS video tape files. The film Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton lives again except now plays on the TV screen rather than on TV via a VHS recorder.