Trying Different Things

I love to try different bead shapes and search for tutorials online. This bear is from Jim Kervin's book outlining the work of Sharon Peters. Wearing protective glasses to keep my eyes from deteriorating further, I find it difficult to distinguish colours sometimes so the bear has a dark brown head and a light brown body. Oh well, the next one I make will have to have a light brown head and dark brown body.
Cartoon Bear: Looking heavenwardsCartoon Bear: Looking heavenwards
The next two pictures are the same bead, different sides to prove that it is not symetrical.
Cylinder Bead side 2: Feathered stringerCylinder Bead side 2: Feathered stringer
Cylinder Bead side 1Cylinder Bead side 1
I have some cat beads too but I'll post them later and I also have something special cooling in the vermiculite. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't crack before it can be kiln annealed.