Some of the Latest Beads

I have at least managed to make one set of beads before getting bored.
Black and White beadsBlack and White beads
These others are one offs:-Red and White CylinderRed and White Cylinder
A first try at a flower in a kind of tulip or bell shape. I can't identify the flower, it's one I just made up! Given that it's Spring, perhaps I should have made it blue as in Bluebell.
Red FlowerRed Flower
Finally, my vessels are getting better and this one, although small, is a decent shape and is a blown vessel, i.e. the inside does not just have the hollow from the mandrel but a blown void too.
Yellow VesselYellow VesselThe handles are made up from a series of dots to form a rod which was allowed to droop. I'm still annealing some beads in vermiculite even though I now have a bead kiln because the flowers in particular are difficult to get through the bead door.