Flat chainmaille bracelet

Time for something new. I've recently become interested in maille work to be used in jewellery. That is, joining jump rings together to make either chains or flat pieces in different patterns. The Wikipaedia definition of chainmaille can be found at Wikipedia
and there are various sites with very good tutorials. A guide to these can be found at Blue Buddha Boutique.
I started by learning the Byzantine weave and have made a few necklaces and earings. I moved on to the Queen's Weave and yesterday finished this flat weave bracelet made with silver jump rings and a rhodium plated clasp bought from Beads Direct.
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com
I want to try another weave, the Jens Pind one as I've some beads that I think it will go well with. Here's the picture of the Queen's maille bracelet made about a week ago.
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com
The tutorial I want to follow for the Jens Pind is here.
Wish me luck and I'll post the necklace pictures when and if I finish it.


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Silver mesh necklace advice

Hi I saw this silver mesh necklace and was wondering how hard it would be to make something similar and how long would it take for a total noob to do

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Mesh Necklace

Sorry I haven't a clue. It looks like a flat weave that has been joined into a tube. If you Google chain maille tutorials a number of very good sites will come up including Tutorials I suspect it is not the sort of project a newbie should attempt. A lot depends on how quickly you catch on to doing the actual type of weave and everyone takes a different amount of time.