House is too Quiet

I'm sitting in the arm chair at my parent's house and I appear to have survived Christmas relatively unscathed this year. My mother is currently probably somewhere on the road between Reading and Essex after taking my middle brother back up to his flat there; ready for work tomorrow. I took my youngest brother to the train station this morning so he could get his train back to his digs in London. My dad and uncle are both asleep in the living room and the only noises are the tapping of the keys of my parents laptop that I'm playing with and the occasional creaks as the cats change position on their chosen sleep furniture. One cat is wrapped around a soft toy which is on top of the radiator while the other is on top of a beanbag bought especially for cat use. Christmas this year has been surprisingly quiet and New Year will be quieter still. In fact Christmas hasn't really felt like Christmas at all this year. It's only really the faint hint of snow in the air that gives it away.

I'm stll umming and erring over whether to buy another computer or a printer. I admit that playing on my parents laptop has given me a taste for browsing while sitting in a comfy chair rather than at my desk at home which is less than comfortable. I'm not sure that I can justify either purchases though - especially as when it comes to electronic goods I have expensive tastes. I really should be saving towards buying a house but it's such a boring target to go for it loses it's appeal after the first month. You can never have enough saved and the target isn't hard and fast. Much easier to save for something like a printer where the purchase price is known.


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You've gotta admit that your

You've gotta admit that your PC is showing its age. and sounding like a war effort on take off.

A nice new laptop would fit your needs well me thinks... hell buy a laptop and a TV and your all set for normal living ;-) // Photography of Rock

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Tv? Nah..

I wouldn't need a TV if I had a laptop - I could just plug the monitor into it... And you're right about the noise of my computer. Part of the reason that I've been contemplating buying a complete PC rather than just buying the bits needed to upgrade mine is that I would more likely end up with a quieter computer. I have expensive tastes though (plus I'd have to buy a better laptop than you - just because ;-) ) so a laptop would be expensive.

Alternatively I could just do what I normally do and just dither and put off making a decision until all my acquaintances get tired of it and finally force me to jump one way or the other :-) Why break the habit of a lifetime and make a decision about something inconsequential straight off when I could drive anyone around me crazy by not making a decision? ;-)

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your obssessed with not

your obssessed with not owning a TV. ;-)

If your criteria for a new pc/laptop is to beat mine you won't have to spend that much. Mine's a year and a half old now.

You could get a nice custom spec pc for about a £k I reckon. // Photography of Rock