ISO F*#k-up

I knew I would finish late from the course I am on tonight so planning ahead, I packed my camera and tripod to take some pictures of the Clifton Suspension bridge. I intended to get a smal panorama of the bridge to see how it came it. Amazingly, there was a hot air balloon just drfiting very near the bridge as I wa taking pictures so armed with a view of two of the things Bristol is famous for I happily snapped away, dreaming of the cool panorama that I would produce from it.

Got home.

Realised I never set my camera back to ISO 100 from ISO 1600 after checking out the images I took and seeing they are all 'noise-tastic'.

Set my camera back to ISO 100 so I don't forget again.

Repeatedly bashed my head against the desk for continuing to have the same stupid mistake occurring as happened on my photo weekend with Dave.

Anyone got any ideas what I can do with 350MB of unusable digital pictures apart from delete them?

What a waste :-(


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I'm not sure what to say

I'm not sure what to say to you (apart from the fact that my living room now smells of cat shit... even though i didn't tread any into the house!!!!! that stuff stinks to high fucking hell... I don't know what that cat was eating but fucking hell!!!).

Its a problem with canon prosumer camera's not displaying ISO in the viewfinders, hell the viewfinders are tiny we're lucky we got what we did. I think its true to say you don't do too much shooting with different ISO's so that when you do you forget to put it back. Now there are two (or three) ways to combat this.

1... Reset your camera to "standard" settings before you put it into your bag at the end of a shoot, or between shoots.
2.. Check your camera is set to "standard" settings before you start shooting...

or 3... Check your first shot/ couple of shots/ and see if everything is looking "right"

I think a combination of all three will help you stop making these mistakes. :-) // Photography of Rock

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I don't know much about these except I like the effect. Perhaps your pics can be used for one of these. Or talking out of the top of my head, does Photoshop have an option to reduce the number of colours in a picture to say 16. I think Kodak Easyshare does, (a free simple program). You might then come up with a way of using these less noisy pictures. Off to Camping and General this morning to buy another canister of Propane. Used the first one up in a month. Had to have Matt's help to uncouple the thing as the joint had somehow tightenend itself up. I'm practising making flower beads, but they are all turning out crappy so far. We had a wonderfull weekend away in East Sussex so that I could visit a Bead Fair on the Sunday at Lingfield Racecourse. But while we were in the area we visited Newhaven, Eastbourne, Hastings, and Beachy Head on the Saturday and Hever Castle on the Sunday after the Fair. No pictures were allowed inside the Castle but I took some of the grounds and the Water Maze.Took about 100 photos in all which we downloaded to the laptop each night because I had bought an electrical hookup suitable for use in a tent. We could even plug in the kettle for a nice cup of Rosie Lee. Dad insisted on going in the water maze to prove how clever he was in not getting wet when reaching the centre. The maze was a large pool filled with water vegetation. The centre was a rocky outcrop with water cascading down in various places.The paths were a series of paving stones, some of which were counterbalanced so that when you stepped on them a jet of water shot up. Sometimes the jet seemed to be controlled by someone else stepping on a stone a few yards away from the stone you were standing on. I can't post a picture as yet because the photos are still on the laptop. Needless to say most of the maze users were children wanting to get wet because it was an extremely hot day. There were some Dads but they were generally shepherding a three year old around the maze.