Hey, way to go. I clicked on the Alamy link without knowing what would turn up. Perhaps you could add something like "Stock photos for sale" to the site under the link. I like the River Boyd photo. Did you submit that one to Alamy?


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River Boyd

No. It's a bit fuzzy at 100% in places with wind effects so it may not be worth the time to fix it so it's in a saleable condition.

I don't seriously expect to sell anything as stock is more of a numbers game and I don't have the ability to put massive numbers of photos up (my camera means that single photos require a large amount of upsizing to qualify as acceptable so I don't think you'd get a quality image from it). Panoramas are effectively cheating as it's more than 1 photo submitted at a time. Although the time/effort required to possible monetary gain on panoramic pictures is probably hideously low...