Our new cat Nancy

Here she is: My new cat Nancy.Here she is: My new cat Nancy.

We have been worried for some time about our youngest cat after his brother died 18 months ago. He had started to overgroom and his rear was getting very bald. So, after much agonising, we decided to get a friend for him. One of the local Cats Protection League groups was having a rehoming show so we decided to attend last Saturday. We are partial to black cats but decided that temperament was more important this time but if we could find a very friendly cat which was also black we'd choose that one. There were quite a few black cats there with different requirements as to "No other pets" or "Older couple required" and we certainly meet the latter. We found Nancy who is 18 months old, had given birth to one litter and had been neutered by the League. Clearly she had been thrown out by someone when they discovered she was pregnant. Her foster carer told us that she was a very friendly cat and she looked exacltly like one of our other cats, Bill except for the shaved area on her side where she'd been neutered. The first day she slept under the table but ventured out more and more over the next two days, exploring our open plan downstairs. I think the picture shows she has made herself almost completely at home so in three weeks time we will be able to let her out into the garden as we do the other cats.


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kat's picture

Black Object...

Yet again you choose a colour unsuitable for photography! I'm surprised how comfortable she is already in the house. I remember when you got Bill and his brother Ben how spooked they were for the first couple of weeks.

Is she getting on any better with Bill now or is she still hissing at him whenever she comes near?

Pat from Canvey's picture


Still a little hissing going on, but Nick ignores her.All three food bowls are now together in the kitchen. She is currently chasing a little wheeled toy with a bell inside all around the lounge. The other two cats have gone out to do their business in the garden. DH had to sit on the stairs to put his trainers on yesterday as she was occupying his favourite armchair!