Recent playing with glass- Pictures

You may have noticed that I don't usually stick to one type of bead but love to play around and try everything in the hope that it will improve my skills. Here are some photos of some of my latest efforts. The Faff ones are just to see how I can manipulate liquid glass into various shapes. They'd be no good as beads that are worn as they are too delicate but they could be inserted into clear crystal using the methods invented by Loren Stump. See his "stump sucker" at here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.Faffing around 1Faffing around 1
Faffing around 2Faffing around 2
This star bead I've loved forever but this is the first time I've been able to get it looking reasonable.Star beadStar bead
Finally the curled spring and the set of green triangles. I can't decide what smaller spacer beads to put with these to make a necklace. Any ideas?
Green springGreen spring
Green and yellow triangles setGreen and yellow triangles set
Any comments, criticisms etc.


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The green doughnut shaped

The green doughnut shaped bead looks tres cool!