West Kennet Longbarrow

Yesterday was another 'random' photo day in that I just got in the car and went looking for interesting things I might photograph. I ended up at West Kennet Longbarrow which is near Avebury around 8:30pm. At that time it was pleasantly empty with one couple just leaving and a fellow photographer with a tripod trying to take pictures of the inside of the barrow. The barrow is well restored and quite roomy compared to the Nympsfield and Hetty Peglers Tump barrows which I visited recently. I chatted to the other photographer a bit. He was lamenting his inability to get a photo which would expose the extreme end of the barrow from outside. I privately thought there was no way he would be able to but he seemed to be having fun trying. I tried hiding in the back at one point setting off my flash on my camera to try and bounce some light in there for him but it didn't work.

He eventually gave up and moved onto the top of the barrow to get a 360 degree panorma of the surrounding area while I set up to try and take some shots of the barrow and explore a bit inside. All I could hear while inside was the sound of his self timer beeping down as he worked his way around the 360 which was a bit surreal while sitting inside a dark tomb. I captured a couple of pics of the inside which I've turned into a short Quicktime movie just to be different.

I took a few shots outside as the sun started to go down but kept getting frustrated as the other guy kept moving into my picture. Eventually he left and I was blissfully alone to take a few pictures of the sunset until the short walk back to the car at about 10:20pm. Late evening photography shoots seem to be working out for me as a fun diversion. Lss people around to spoil it.

West Kennet Longbarrow: West Kennet Longbarrow.West Kennet Longbarrow: West Kennet Longbarrow.


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One of the other things

One of the other things that's good about taking photos in the evening is the magnificent effects in the sky which give the kind of background that really shows up the shots very well.

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Small pic

It's a shame that I can't show the full size pic to you. I printed it A4 with a nice fat border and it looks so much better than the tiny image I put up here but there's no way I'm going to put up a full size image on the web - even if it's not good enough to steal.