Olympic Stadium, Munich

Tuesday and Wednesday I was visiting Munich for work. We got done earlier than we thought so spent some time having a drink in the sun at the Olympic Park in Munich. While there I took the opportunity to have a look inside the stadium for 2EUR. Below is a 1x3 handheld panorama which surprisingly went together pretty easily. Munich was expecting a storm later in the evening hence the pretty clouds you can see building up! Comments and criticisms would be most welcome.

(If you are using Firefox you may need to first 'zoom out' of the image in order to see it properly.)

Original panorama size = 8128px x 1955px


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Pat from Canvey's picture

Curvy Picture

I think it's a great picture. So many parts of it call to mind different things. The seats in the distance look like ploughed fields while the seats bottom right look like overlapping pine cone scales. The shadows of the seats on the left make a good abstract pattern. The few people in the picture add a dash of colour but do not detract from the sweeps and curves of the stadium. I always like pictures with curves rather than angles. That could have something to do with my more rotund shape.

kat's picture

I was surprised at how

I was surprised at how little post-procesing it needed to fix areas that didn't go together properly. It was handheld and through quite a large angle of view so difficult to rotate the camera properly.

I wondered about removing the people. I usually end up cropping something off my panoramas as it's better to shoot more than you need that to find yourself with not enough picture to make the composition, but this time I just left it as is. It's obviously not a 'pristene postcard shot' as there are people working down near the track so I felt it was OK to leave the people in and make the image more human.

The pattens of the seats in the distance I think look confusing as it almost seems that they are fake but even if you view the image at full size they still have that pixellated green aspect to them.

Pat from Canvey's picture

Large Angle Rotation

I find I have better results when I keep my elbows tight into my body with my forearms almost vertical. I then rotate my body keeping my feet still. As I have a tendency to lower the camera slightly when twisting to the right, I consciously raise the camera a fraction, say a mm to compensate. When I start to twist, my body is pointing to my left and at the finish, it's to the right through a 180 degree turn. Is this what others do?

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It's basically what I do but

It's basically what I do but it does mean that for foreground objects you can introduce a lot of parallax error as the centre of rotation is so far from the nodal point of the lens. It seems to have worked okay on this image. The previous set of three I took before this of the same view has too many errors to really make it work all the hassle of stitching it together...