After a small frost last night, I tottered down to the kitchen at about 8.00am to feed the cats and saw a fox walking across the lawn. Later, after the sun came out and whilst I was torching, DH saw the same fox come back onto the lawn and sit curled up in the sun. Here's a picture taken by him through the kitchen window.Foxy VisitorFoxy Visitor
I tried creeping out into the garden to take another shot but the fox was too wary and walked away down the side of the house. Odd behaviour for a fox and DH thought that it might have a bit of a limp. With all the building on the Island in the last five years or so, the foxes habitats are slowly shrinking and it's no wonder that they try to raid the rubbish bags when put out for collection by dustmen.


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kat's picture

Cool Picture!

Wow! It's just sitting there in the sun! I sometimes see foxes and rabbits on my way home from work but but they are so wary that you're lucky if they hang around long enough to properly look at.