He tried a short cut

Just in case you are feeling homesick Kat, it's never a dull moment on Canvey.
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It seems he failed to take the bend, overcorrected and clipped the corner of the garden fence on our side of the road before trying to cross the beck. Makes a change from all the accidents on the roundabout outside our house.


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Holy crap! That car is a

Holy crap! That car is a long way from the road and pointing back towards it. I've finding it difficult to imagine how it got there even with your explanation.

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Must of taken almost a 90

Must of taken almost a 90 degree turn to the right from the road going towards town. He approached the beck from bottom right of the picture. He must have been going at speed because we think he shot accross the bank. There's an impact mark about three feet above the car. He must then have rolled backwards down into the beck. They pulled the car out yesterday and left it there on the flatter area. It's an 06 car too according to the number plate. It must have happened in the middle of a night. Can't think that the steering failed in such a newish car and if he'd fallen asleep the car wouldn't have veered so sharpley if the tracking was fine. Even in my old banger, if I take my hands off the wheel, it continues in a straight line,( not that I do it very often you must realise). Must look to see if there's a report in the local paper, the Echo.