Me and My Brother 'Posing' on a Bronze Age Mound

I've been sorting photos and stitching panoramas for most of today and yesterday. After admonisment that I hadn't posted anything for a long while I present you with an old panorama that me and my brother, Edd, took when I was visiting him in April 2007. We are overall quite small but that is a good thing as I look really fat in this picture! I'd tell you all about the mound we are sitting on but being honest, is the thing really interesting enough to make it worth it?!


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Family Genes

Well you have inherited more genes from my side of the family and a tendency to put on weight is one of them. The boys inherited their fathers tendency to be able to eat anything and not put on an ounce. Life isn't fair is it. However you have inherited some good stuff from me. That's the beauty of having more than one child. To see how the family genes are apportioned among them and watching each child turn into a well rounded adult.

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Double post deleted

By the way, the Essex Bead Fair yesterday was great and I resisted the urge to buy more glass. Bought a couple more books by Jim Kervin instead.