Panorama: Lake at Dusk

I've been playing with panoramic shots and have yet to find a satifactory way to display them. Underneath the 'read more' link is a panoramic image of the lake in my previous post. If all goes well, it'll be displayed in an IFrame. It's only 3 shots and the image is 91KB in size (I've made it a lot smaller than the original). I tried the SPi-V engine but didn't find it very satisfactory. If you've got a better idea of how to display it let me know. I'd be very interested!


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hmmm your box is a bit

hmmm your box is a bit big... extends well below the bottom of the pano...

But the pano is really good. the centrallity of the sun works... I'd not normally put it so central but it draws your eyes in. // Photography of Rock

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If you're using Firefox, it automatically scales down the picture so it fits in (like when you open a picture in a new window). You need to click on it to get it to look full size.

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Impressive. but the iFrame

Impressive. but the iFrame is still too tall.

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I can't replicate that. Do a screenshot for me?