Airbus A380 Landing at Filton, Bristol 26 March 2007

The Airbus A380 did a flypast of my workplace today before landing at Filton Airfield in Bristol. My camera was playing up on it's way past the first time so I gave up and just watched it go by. I took this picture when it had landed. I'm still quite a long way away from it here even though it filled the frame at 75mm and shooting through a fence. I think it's staying in Filton for a week while it has various tests done so hopefully they'll park it somewhere in view so I can head back with a tripod and try and get closer.

Click on the image to get a medium sized view and 'original size' (after opening the medium sized view) to get a large size view.


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John at extreme right

Hey, I didn't know that John was in Filton that weekend. He says it wasn't him but I pointed out that he doesn't know what the back of his head looks like. I'm sure he has a jumper just like that one out of the many he's bought recently. He's also currently at home having had a fall at work. You know what men are like, a little graze and they are dying. I think its his approaching birthday really plus he's realised with all the aches that he's not as young as he thought.
On the photo, I like the sweep of the wings. Does the more curvey shape affect the aerodynamics? They seem to reflect more the shape of a bird's wing in flight.
I have my new torch now, a Carlisle Mini CC and an oxygen condenser so have been getting used to it slowly.Plus I'm still attending the Anglian Bead Group in Colchester, learning the various methods of putting seed beads together. Hopefully some of the methods will transpose over to my larger beads plus I can incorporate larger beads into seed bead jewellery rather than using silver chain etc all the time. I have a project on the go at the moment and will post pictures when finished.

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Curvy Wings

Yeah the curve affects the aerodynamics but they won't be as curved when the aircraft is in the air. On the ground the wings are 'hanging from the fuselage'. When it's in the air it's the opposite - the fuselage 'hangs from the wings'. The wings won't completely straighten out I expect but they won't look so gull shaped. I do think that the A380 has a more attractive shape on the ground than most large civil aircraft. I wish I could get closer to it. I saw it in the factory when I visited a while ago in Toulouse but it was encased in all the working gantrys then and so was mostly obscured. It's different when the aircraft is 'naked'.