Sampler mentioned in Kat's Post

Sampler mentioned in Kat's Post

Kat mentioned this sampler in her post on Super Macro Photography. It was made about 12 years ago whilst trying to keep an assortment of trial pieces of glass work in an organised fashion. Some squares have silver staining, some enamels, some acid etched, while the tracing black patterns were made using odd items such as a half piece of cut potato.
It just shows some of the techniques that can be used to modify different colours and types of glass for inclusion in leaded windows.


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Crazy Mismatch

It might be a crazy mis-match of pieces and techniques that was originally created as an elaborate filing system for glass scraps but there's something about the chaos of it all that I really like. When I have a place of my own and you're forcing me to have panels / associated bits of glass inside I want to have chaotic stuff like this rather than the traditional patterns that make sense. It fits my personality better...