Ginger Cat

I thought I'd have a play around with the copy of Painter Classic I got with my graphics tablet. After a bit of playing around I've come up with the picture below.

Ginger CatGinger Cat

I've never been very good at drawing pictures of animate objects. I always see them with personalities in the way rather than seeing what's actually there. Any advice you can give over how to imporve would be appreciated. :-)

Edited to add: It looks so much better in the thumbnail! Small hides all the flaws!

Oldbury to Littleton Walk

I picked up the Evening Post's Summer Special on Friday containing 20 guided walks around the Bristol area. Despite the drizzly rain yesterday I decided to go out with my camera and explore the Olbury to Littleton Walk.

Avon Gorge and the Downs

I decided to go walking yasterday around the Gorge and the Downs hoping to catch some interesting photos or at least learn a bit more about using my camera.

Abstract Light

Abstract LightAbstract Light

I've been playing around with some images that I took a while ago of light reflections onto my lounge room wall through the window. Whilst the final result isn't the most interesting of images I do like the way you can see streaks of light in the image where the reflection was bouncing around as it was alternatively blocked and unblocked by the movement of the trees in the wind. Due to the light levels in the room at the time everything came out very grey so I've cheated slightly and livened things up with some colour washes.

Let me know what you think and how it could be better.

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