Farm 2

A bit better focus on this one but you can see how much movement there is by the white lines in the road!


... or it's really hard when trying to take a panoramic photo from a moving balloon to keep everything mapped together and focussed ;-).

Photography Prompt List (June 2007)

This is a holder page for a photo-prompt list for the month of June for my friend David, and myself. It will hopefully eventually be a place where you can see our entry thumbnails in the table below. I shall not put this on the front page until there is at least one entry in the table. The idea is that this will help promote more taking of photos on both our parts and be a learning opportunity. We've started small as we're both new at this challenge prompt thing.


I've been revisting some of my old pano shots and processing them. The image below is one I took maybe a year ago when I was around the White Horse area of South West England. The actual panorma turned out completely differently than I imagined while taking it and to be honest I can't decide whether I like it or not. It's got the 'minimalist and mudane' look about it but I can't decide whether it has got anywhere near the 'minimalist, mudane and magnificent' point hat you see with some photos. What do you think? Yay or nay? You can be brutally honest, I won't be offended... The pano is 1x3.

Regardless, it means that I can pack the files away into my 'archive' folder so it won't continually torment me in the 'todo' folder ;-)

Olympic Stadium, Munich

Tuesday and Wednesday I was visiting Munich for work. We got done earlier than we thought so spent some time having a drink in the sun at the Olympic Park in Munich. While there I took the opportunity to have a look inside the stadium for 2EUR. Below is a 1x3 handheld panorama which surprisingly went together pretty easily. Munich was expecting a storm later in the evening hence the pretty clouds you can see building up! Comments and criticisms would be most welcome.


Below is a 4 image hand held pano that I shot while visiting my brother in Reading. Any comments and criticisms would be welcome (note there is no lens flare! ;-) )

View of the Landsdowne Monument

I've been playing with my new computer, marvelling at the speed that it now stitches panoramas compared to my old clunky steam driven one and getting used to getting a stitch in less than half a day. I put this panorama together today for which I would welcome comment. I am also interested in whether the colours look ok as I invested in a new monitor to replace my old CRT.

Marriage of Andy and Andrea Moore

One of my friends from University recently got married. I took my camera along as he'd requested people bring them as they'd not got a paid phoographer but on the day there were three 'official' photographers and many many cameras in the audience so I took the view that I would enjoy the experience rather than trying to capture it. I must admit that I didn't get many good photos. The light was bad in the church and I wasn't really seated in a good position for photos. I've uploaded three of my non-blurred ones for you to look at.

The ceremony for Andy and Andrea took place on the 17 March 2007 in London.

St Mary's Church Window 1

I'm experimenting with a new way to display a panoramic when I want to upload a full-size or extremely large version. I thought I'd give Zoomify a try and a stained glass window panorama seemed the perfect pano to try it on first. I'm intersted in putting up the larger version for stained glass as I know my mum will be interested in the details of the painting. I spent this weekend and some of tonight stitching and Photoshopping the pano which consists of 3x3 images taken some time ago in St. Mary's Church in Berkley.

Space Wolf Army

My brother recently came to stay for a weekend in order to photograph his hobby. He likes painting minatures from Games Workshop, more specifically the Space Wolves series of minatures from the game Warhammer 40,000. My brother is not the best painter but he enjoys painting and modifying the models as is his want. After taking individual shots of each of the models I persuaded him to let me photograph a panorama version of his whole Space Wolf army. It was good fun as we constructed a white backdrop of a couple of levels in order to get more of them visible in the picture. We both tried to get all of them facing the camera but just like real people some of them are still stubbornly looking away! ;-)

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